Kylie Minogue

There are only a few pop stars that manage to be around for years or even decades. With more than 65 million records sold worldwide and eleven studio albums, petite and sexy Kylie Minogue is one of the top female pop singers who achieved that goal. Her tours and spectacular shows in which she i.e. flew by the ceiling walls of the arena, have been the measure of all things and are always sold out.



In 2008 Kylie Minogue visited Germany with her monumental “Kylie X 2008” tour. The German electronic retailer MediaSaturn Holding presented the “Kylie X 2008” tour in six sold-out cities throughout Germany. The sponsor SATURN was integrated in all official communications, on all printed materials as well as on banners, roll-ups, posters and press related items. In addition to multiple promotions such as contests and ticket sweepstakes, the MediaSaturn Holding’s charitable work and efforts were the major focus. SATURN and Kylie are fully involved with supporting the German Cancer Aid. Ever since the beginning of the tour and for the following two years one Euro of every sold Kylie CD or DVD was donated to the German Cancer Aid.  Additionally, SATURN gave away 150 tickets per concert to sick children or affected family members to also show appreciation for all doctors, nurses and therapists. The opportunity of Meet & Greets with Kylie for a few fans were a highlight made possible by Saturn.