The one and only Luciano Pavarotti


Since 1992 the team of the Apple Entertainment Group has been exclusively arranging concerts as well as sponsorships for all worldwide concerts of Maestro Pavarotti. Multiple long-term relationships and collaborations with some of the finest and biggest companies in the world started many years ago, and have been lasting even after the passing of Maestro Pavarotti. The Apple Entertainment Group is proud to continue the legacy of our friend Luciano Pavarotti with multiple „Tribute Projects“.

One of the first projects, among others, was the exclusive coffee table book „Luciano Pavarotti“, showing pictures made by the team that travelled the world with the Maestro and which were never published before. A tribute not only to the Maestro but also to the Father, son, brother, cook and friend.

What was once planned for the solo concerts of the Maestro around the world, the team soon became the worldwide representation of the Maestro. Groundbreaking projects such as „Pavarotti&Friends“, the biggest and most successful charity concert in the world, or the famous „The Three Tenors“ attracted millions of visitors around the world and billions watching the concerts on TV.