Souldivas & Tchibo


In summer 2004 an extraordinary concert series took place: for the first time ever Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole and Dionne Warwick performed on stage together and celebrated soul history like never before. At sold out concerts about 50,000 people each witnessed unforgettable performances of the three world stars that, combined, sold over 250 million records and won 23 Grammys. This world premiere was a high-class concert experience – a great opportunity for all soul fans of all age groups. The concerts weren’t only a highlight for the fans of the three singers. It was always a dream for Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick and Natalie Cole to perform together. The dream came true with this concert tour through Germany. The three artists performed their greatest hits on the tour. “This tour is a thank you for all our fans that have stayed true to us over the years”, said the Soul Divas.

Whitney Houston has countless hits and is one of the most successful solo artists of all time. Numerous awards prove the perfect career of the singer. Her cousin, Dionne Warwick, also received countless awards and has impressed the audiences with her soft soul voice for 40 years. Many of her songs such as “That’s What Friends Are For” are considered the classics of soul pop. Natalie Cole, daughter of the legendary Nat “King” Cole, became famous with her hits such as “Miss You Like Crazy” and “Unforgettable”, a duet with her late father.