Tabaluga & Aldiana


In order to celebrate Aldiana’s 40th anniversary appropriately, rock legend Peter Maffay and the premium club operator founded a cooperation. The partners conceived of a special idea to charm Aldiana guests of all ages: Rock musician Peter Maffay created an exclusive edition of the story about the little green dragon, Tabaluga, in which he will meet Aldiana’s mascot, Flosse the dolphin.

The beginning of this very special friendship hallmarks Aldiana’s anniversary. The new musical highlight will be in production throughout 2013, the anniversary year, in all Aldiana facilities. “We are proud that one of the most famous German singers and composers wrote a musical just for us. Our guests are able to experience a magical show about the little green dragon and our dolphin mascot during their vacation among friends”, says Peter Wennel, Aldiana’s CEO.
Peter Maffay is also pleased about this cooperation with Aldiana: “Tabaluga and the dolphin is a really exciting project for me. I hope we can enchant the guests with my musical and give them the chance to reminisce about their childhood. ”The cooperation contains several additional activities with Peter Maffay and the anniversary show “Tabaluga and the vacation among friends”, which overlapped with the final tour of Tabaluga “Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit” in 2012.

The Apple Entertainment Group developed the collaboration closely in accordance with Peter Maffay and Aldiana, and will supervise all aspects of the cooperation.