Tabaluga & DM


Rock legend Peter Maffay and drugstore chain market leader dm have joined forces to increase awareness about the importance of social togetherness.

Peter Maffay is committed to his task to give traumatized and unprivileged children a sense of purpose. He founded the Peter Maffay Foundation and also is patron of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation. Both offer protected rehabilitation and therapeutic vacations to affected children. The musician who is known for his humanitarian work is impressed by the initiative ‘Ideen Initiative Zukunft’: “The network that was built based on this initiative by dm gives people the opportunity to join from everywhere and especially from places where it counts. If everybody sees what they can do together to move others, then people will be motivated and work for it with all of their hearts.” ‘Ideen Initiative Zukunft’ was voted “Most Sustainable Initiative 2011” by the jury of the German Sustainability Award. Peter Maffay was awarded the honorary prize of the German Sustainability Awards 2011.

Erich Harsch, Managing Director of dm, said: “Our idea competition ‘Ideen Initiative Zukunft’ and the German UNESCO Commission support sustainable projects and initiatives that are involved in a social or cultural manner and work for the preservation of our natural foundation of life.
Citizens give inspiring examples of good deeds every day. Together with Peter Maffay who as a popular musician and a convincing personality speaks to a lot of people, we will try to encourage people to do the same.” dm wants to support the artist with his efforts to give children and teenagers a sense of purpose and the opportunity to rehabilitate and strengthen their self confidence in Rumania and Spain.

The collaboration was developed in close cooperation with Peter Maffay and dm by the Apple Entertainment Group and is completely supervised by it. That includes various projects about and by Peter Maffay, ‘Ideen Initiative Zukunft’ and the “Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit” tour 2012.